Therapists specialising in Infertility


If getting pregnant has been a challenge for you and your partner, you’re not alone! Many couples struggle with trying to conceive. Coping with fertility issues can be tough and the emotional burden may be considerable. In addition to addressing the physical root causes of infertility with a trained medical professional, working with a mental health therapist who specialises in fertility issues can be helpful in processing the emotional pain and grief you may be feeling. A trained therapist can assist with practical steps for coping with various life-changes you may require in order to handle anxiety and improve your chances of conception.

Stress and fertility

Stress caused by various factors such as long-term anxiety, depression, work pressure, extreme, high-intensity exercise as well as dietary habits, and nutrition,  including leading to excess weight or consuming large amounts of alcohol and stimulants such as caffeine can reduce fertility.

Fertility effected by medicines and drugs

Illegal drugs, such as marijuana and cocaine, may greatly reduce fertility. While the side effects of some prescription medicines and drugs may also adversely affect your fertility and it worth enquiring with your GP.

Infertility in women

Infertility is most commonly caused by problems with ovulation, the monthly release of an egg which may result from physical issues such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), scarring of the fallopian tubes from pelvic surgery or issues from cervical surgery as well as thyroid problems (either an overactive thyroid gland or an underactive thyroid gland lead to issues with ovulation). Also issues of Fibroids and Endometriosis can cause issues with fertility.

Infertility in men

The most usual cause of male infertility is low-quality semen and sperm. There’s a link between increased temperature of the scrotum and lower quality semen, however it’s uncertain whether wearing loose-fitting underwear increases fertility. Ejaculation disorders may be experienced by some men making it difficult for them to release semen during sex.

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